I am eternally grateful to Star Phys Maths for the help they have given me.  Not only has my Mathematics mark improved from 58% in grade 10 to 83% in the final 2018 Grade 12 IEB exam,  but they have also built my confidence and instilled in me a love for Maths.  I am sure this will stand me in good stead as I enter University!

Thomas McAlpine

I started going to Star Academy in my grade 12 year, and it helped me immensely. My physical sciences marks had begun to dip in grade 11 and by matric I knew I needed help outside of school. With Star Physics I was given copious amounts of practice and superb teachers, willing to help me solve a problem no matter what or when I asked. My understanding of the syllabus grew, especially in Chemistry, and I found myself prepared for my final matric exam. I highly recommend this tuition centre for its dedication to its students and its brilliant staff.

Nasiha Minty

When sourcing education for myself, I know the relationships between tutor and student are very important, in order to enable the learner to engage in the learning process.  Having entrusted myself to this institution, and to approach the teachers for tutorial support at this time, was the best decision ever. In life there are a handful of people who are instrumental in the path we take, I consider this institution and its staff members as key players in guiding me to my next educational chapter.  I applaud the Star Tuition Centre as I believe the holistic learning experience it offers, at any age, is individual and tailored to the learner. I believe that this institution has developed me into a beautifully conscientious lady and I am really pleased that my good effort has resulted in success. I am really grateful for the support and guidance offered by the institution to help me achieve my desired results.   The courses are well structured allowing the students to achieve their peak performance just in time for the examination. I have never imagined that teachers  could believe in me so much more than I believed in myself.  Through the diverse and approachable teaching styles of the teachers, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the exceptional teaching courses when I had been taught 3 years of the AP Maths content (Grade 10+11+12) in just one year, and I had achieved the best results.

This institution sets just the right tone, with teachers that boast a good work ethic and lots of encouragement.  Additionally, taking the time to explain the more tricky questions on a one to one basis and the special teaching videos available to students was really helpful. The last minute tweaking based on the mock results was good for both confidence and performance.  Overall, I am delighted with the tuition and the positive results which were achieved.  From my own experience, I clearly recall the brilliant teachers who injected their subjects with infectious enthusiasm and made learning a pleasure. Also, the subliminal behavioural coaching skills offered,  enabled me to make the transition from School to University. In my opinion ,this is what sets Star Tuition Centre apart from the rest. I am indeed very humbled and grateful, for the efforts by all members of the tuition centre that  have allowed me to attain the required distinctions to apply for, and be accepted to study in the field of Health Sciences (MBcHB ). I will surely treasure the learning skills taught to me and most definitely boast the appealing aspects of this institution to all students.

Faatima Aadil Ismail

I studied with Star Phys Maths Tuition Centre (Star Academy) for the past 2 years and I feel that they have vastly contributed to my success in obtaining distinctions in both Maths and Science.
The professionalism, commitment and dedication exhibited by Star Academy and its tutors is outstanding.
My tutors at Star Academy  motivated me, inspired me and encouraged me to do my best , persevere and never give up.
Whenever I needed assistance it was always given to me with speed and accuracy.
Star Academy has an excellent study environment that is very conducive to excelling and available to students at all times.
Being part of Star Academy felt like being part of a family, who constantly motivated me and supported me.

Husna Docrat

Matric is without doubt one of the most stressful years of your life. Your results in the final exam determine whether you will get accepted into a good university to pursue your chosen course of studies. This creates immense pressure to excel, especially in key subjects like Maths and Science. Having tried several tuition providers, I found Star Phys Math  to be the best by far. Their dedication, commitment, support, and individualized attention is unparalleled. They were always available and willing to assist, and helped me to master topics I struggled with before. I credit Star Phys Math Tuition Centre for the distinctions I achieved in Maths and Science, and would recommend them without hesitation.

Zayd Gause

Star Phys Math Tuition Centre is a truly distinguished institution. The staff are dedicated to nurturing their students in an exceptionally motivated domain, not only instilling a sense of confidence, but perspective and realism in the pursuit of academic excellence . Star Phys Math Tuition Centre has been a prominent crutch in my matric year , knowing I had an abundance of practice and teachers who were ultimately  patient, reassuring and professional, prospects for the year didn’t seem unattainable.

Rasa Maistry

I would like to take this opportunity to thank  Star Tuition Centre for providing me with the tools I needed to get through the challenges of grade 11 and grade 12. Their dedication in spending countless of hours throughout the year and providing extra help during the examination period really gave me the edge. Classes are interactive and the tutors are always ready to assist. Students at Star Tuition Centre are constantly motivated and inspired to aim for new heights. All the hard work truly paid off when I achieved A’s in both Maths and Science in my Final Matric Exams!

Uwais Essa

Star Tuition Centre  is more than your average tutor , it is a place where one can find themselves a safe haven. It is here where one can be whatever their heart desires. The tutors are all there to offer you their assistance and teach you in a way which is best suited to your personality. The friendly environment created by these wonderful tutors promotes development at all levels.
It was at this very fine institution where I not only developed intellectually but also emotionally. I found closure in the friends I had made and I found advice and support from the tutors. I really would like to thank everyone at Star academy for all the efforts they put in to make me the man I am today, I am truly honoured to have been part of such an exceptional academy. I wish everyone atStar Tuition Centre the very best.

Shehwar Finger

I am more than proud to write this letter of recommendation for Star Phys – Math Tuition Center.
I was a learner at Star Phys – Math for two years, from grades 11 to 12. The tutors at Star Phys –
Math helped me improve my Maths and Physics marks dramatically from 50% in Grade 10 to
consistently achieving 70% for both Maths and Physics from Grade 11 right up to my finals.
Star Phys – Math has always had a strong reputation in and around the community for producing
academic excellence. The tutors and staff at Star Phys – Math are very friendly and professional
which serves to create a conducive atmosphere for learning. A prominent trait of the tutors at
Star Phys – Math is their willingness to go the extra mile to help their students by offering
WhatsApp services for Maths and Physics help, organising more lessons for tests or exams,
providing you with Star Phys – Math booklets that summarises each topic for each subject and
organising holiday lessons to give you an edge over your peers at school. The tutors at Star
Phys – Math will ensure that you are fully prepared for your tests and exams and will give you the
confidence to write to the best of your ability.
I owe a great deal to the tutors at Star Phys – Math for helping me improve my marks so
drastically and I do not hesitate in recommending Star Phys – Math Tuition Center to anyone
who wants to excel academically. It is a choice I do not regret.

Calvin Van Whye

I Beniam Negussie Yibas joined Star Physc-Maths in 2017 as a grade 11 student on a journey to save my terrible grade 10 physical science marks. With the help of Star, I managed to get an A at the end of my grade 11 year.

Star has helped me understand the fundamentals of all that we are learning, which equipped me in solving high order questions in tests and exams. The countless number of question papers that we do at Star, gave me the exposure to different types of styles of questions, which played a big role in improving my mark.

More in specific, science teacher, was a key factor as well. With is expert knowledge and interest for the subject, his teaching flair was one that was easy to pick up. He helped us not only understand and engage with the curriculum but instilled a love for the subject. His wittiness and conversation skills, brought warmth to class and was a place that many enjoyed coming to.

With a second of a doubt, Star has helped me a great deal. Don’t worry, entering Star will only add on the list of good decisions you have made in your life.

Beniam Negussie Yibas

Star Maths and Physics is an excellent institution if you are looking to improve your grades. After trying many tutors between grade 10 and 12 Star was the only one to yield any results.

The skilled teachers provide you with a way of understanding work that schools do not teach. From starting at Star in the beginning of grade 12 my Maths mark went from 63% in term 1 to 81% in term 4.

Aside from the insightful lessons, Star provides you with a comfortable and academic environment that can be used to relax or to get some work done if things are busy at home.

I would definitely recommend Star Maths and Physics to anyone desiring to improve their grades.

Salmaan Moosa

Star is a tuition centre for Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Accounting. My brother and I both attended Star, and in two years my Maths and Physics marks have both increased 12% and 9% respectively. For my final Matric mark I achieved a 87% for Maths and 77% for Science.

Star created a learning environment that is very welcoming, family like, always joyful but still hard working. They are always willing to help and go the extra mile to insure that each learner understands. All the teachers are very supportive and are excellent role models that always offer sound life advice. Each teacher offers more that required, taking their own time to attend their students.

I recommend STAR to any student that is taking Maths, Physical Science and Accounting as a subject. I also encourage them to attend STAR at the earliest age possible to completely grasp the topics and create a love for the subjects.


Kamalan Naidoo

So, Star Phys-Math tuition centre has really helped me over the past year, I received code 5’s for both maths and physics at the end of grade 11 and by the end of grade 12 (Physics: grade 11 – 57% ; grade 12 – 91%,  Maths: grade 11 – 68% ; grade 12 – 82% ) I finished off with both code 7’s! I am very grateful to my tutors who sacrificed so much of their own time to come in to tuition to help us even outside of class hours. I would end up spending at least 12 hours of my week at the tuition centre while we only pay for 4 hours. It just shows how much pride and passion they have for every single one of their students who comes there. Star was honestly my home away from home, that’s really what it felt like… Lastly, just all the different people you meet from all the different schools is such a wonderful thing, because then you can learn so much about their school and about their teaching habits. Thank you to all the tutors from Star and thank you to all the other learners for pushing me to achieving the best results that I possible could!

Ebrahiem Samaai



Accounting classes are offered for Grade 11 and Grade 12 learners only.


Star Tuition Centre offers Maths Tuition starting from Grade 8 to Grade 12 in both I.E.B and D.O.E curriculum.


Physical Science Tuition is offered for the learners starting from Grade 10 to Grade 12  in both I.E.B and D.O.E curriculum.